What is your life’s NEXT STEP that sets you apart from other high achievers?

Here’s a suggestion: How about developing your Third Eye?
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Mastering Your Third Eye

The Mastering Your Third Eye Program helps you train and develop your Third Eye through personalized training, mentoring and self-study products created by Master Del Pe. The Program consists of 3 core curriculum modules and one elective module:

What is the Third Eye program?

Throughout the ages, enlightened masters have passed on closely-guarded spiritual secrets to their students through personalized word-of-mouth training. This specialized spiritual teaching was traditionally accessible to the most advanced students only. The chosen few, who were initiated, then went through decades of practice to master and develop the Third Eye.

  1. Are you a leader, thinker or seeker looking for answers?
  2. Are you operating in tune with the consciousness around you?
  3. Have you always wondered how you can make a quantum leap in your performance?
  4. Find your solutions in a unique program that reveals the secrets of the universe.

Today, this spiritual technology that leads us to maximum effectiveness and opens us to limitless possibilities is available through the Mastering Your Third Eye program. Especially designed by Master Del Pe for busy practitioners in the modern world, the program introduces you to the Third Eye and helps you develop and use your Third Eye in one year of training and mentoring.



It was an amazing experience to attend the Mastering Your Third Eye Program with Master Del Pe. Since participating in the program, I find myself centered and confident in any kind of situation. Now I feel myself empowered with the Third Eye, which can be applied in this world to make it better in different areas of life, including personal, professional, family, social and spiritual.

Dr. Ajay K. Singh
Professor of Economics
New Delhi, India


The Third Eye Program